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The growth and profitability of a hotel rely on the effectiveness of its event sales department. To ensure long-term success and maximize revenues, it is crucial for hotels to identify sales opportunities and develop effective strategies for successful events. By doing so, hotels can make profitable use of their facilities and increase revenue.
Through his consulting services, Jordan Fatheree helps hotels leverage, promote, and build strategies to sell the unique potential of their hotel asset, attain sustainable growth, and increase sales.

While many hotels already have skilled personnel carrying out tactical sales work, they often lack the broader perspective required to strategically identify and capitalize on the primary sales drivers. In such cases, Jordan Fatheree offers invaluable hotel sales consulting services. With his guidance and recommendations, your hotel can implement a strategic direction, redirect sales and marketing efforts, and enhance their overall effectiveness.

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Jordan Fatheree is an experienced professional with a vast network of connections in the hospitality industry. Leveraging this network, he is able to identify and match skilled candidates to fill specific sales roles at luxury and ultra-luxury hotels. By utilizing his hotel task force services, hotels can quickly fill open positions with candidates who have been pre-vetted and possess up-to-date industry knowledge for the specific role that needs to be filled.
One of the key benefits of partnering with Jordan for task force services, is that he is able to take the necessary time to find the perfect permanent candidate for an open role while the hotel team continues their responsibilities and revenue generation. Additionally, if there is a temporary need for a role that does not have a permanent position within the organization, Jordan can also provide suitable candidates.

Jordan carefully selects experts in the hotel industry with diverse backgrounds in multiple roles. Their comprehensive skill sets allow them to contribute to various disciplines, providing integrated support in hotel sales roles. Jordan stays current with the latest industry trends, specialties, business focuses, and systems updates, ensuring that he is able to bring extensive value when fulfilling roles for hotels. Overall, Jordan offers a valuable solution for hotels seeking to efficiently fill open positions with qualified candidates and maximize the expertise and versatility of their event sales team.

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Our boot camps are specifically designed to provide a rapid crash course on specific skills that enable event and sales staff to quickly enhance their expertise, excel in their roles, and maximize revenue.
Recognizing the fast-paced and ever-evolving nature of the hospitality industry, our intensive programs offer a focused and immersive learning experience. From customer service and communication skills to revenue management and technology proficiency, to sales and pricing structure, our boot camps cover a range of education in essential areas. By investing in the development of hotel employees through these specialized training programs, we ensure that they are equipped with the tools and capabilities needed to create a thriving events business and meet the evolving demands of the industry.

range from 1-Day to 1 week (based on the size of the property and team)

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